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About the project

The mission of Out of Atmosphere is to stimulate the emergence of ideas, to expand our knowledge base and to become a multidisciplinary ideas and actions exchange hub which creates multi level and multi audience pathways for facilitating our understanding of the universe in order to give birth to new concepts and new initiatives.

The community

The astrophysicist Hubert Reeves, the immunologist and philosopher Jean-Claude Ameisen and the astronaut Michel Tognini invite us to take part in this unique adventure, accompanied by thinkers renowned in the fields of science and technology and by artists, musicians, philosophers, economists, science fiction writers and designers. Among them, Paul Braffort, Vincent Callebaut, Jean-François Clervoy, Alain Ducasse, Muriel Gargaud, Philippe Gaudin, Olivier Gechter, Matthieu Gounelle, Pierre-Henri Gouyon, Michaël Craig Gradwell, Nicolas Grenier, Claudie Haigneré, Jean-Pierre Haigneré, Daniel Kunth, Marc Lachièze-Rey, Alain Lecavellier des Etangs, Roland Lehoucq, Bruno Monflier, Pierre-François Mouriaux, Jacques Rougerie, Lionel Suchet, Jean-Philippe Uzan, Michel Viso, Michael Zolensky, Olivia Caramello, Dan Gordon, George Helou, Charles Beichman...

An interactive platform

On the OOA website you will be able to track and follow real time celestial observations carried out by the world's leading observatories. The site will be structured around themes and accessible via keywords. It will allow you to provide and have access to both written and video testimonials on astronomy and cosmology. Such testimonials will give voice to all of our concerns regarding the fundamental questions about our Universe: our current understanding, our research programmes for better understanding, our fears and worries as well as our dreams and hopes...which lie beyond the stratosphere. All year long OOA will sponsor, report on and host all kinds of space related events. The primary focus will be on educational, fun and experimental approaches. Educational materials and contests and prizes and live connections to places of interest and astronaut training centres will be on offer to OOA’s internet visitors. Wonderful explorations in perspective for all!

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